Tilley Family Genealogy

Village of Gagetown
Galleries, crafters, accommodations, restaurants, and much, much more.

New Brunswick Museum
New Brunswick's Provincial Museum located in Saint John, NB. Research Library & Archives and extensive exhibition and programming facility. Be sure to visit the virtual exhibitions!!!

Heritage Branch, Wellness, Culture & Sport, Province of New Brunswick
Your link to Culture & Heritage in New Brunswick. Click on "Programs & Services" for a variety of pages including NB's Designated Historic Sites, Heritage Images, and other Heritage Links.

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Features the Great Canadian Guide to Museums and Galleries, virtual exhibitions, resource guide, and lots more.

Keys to History
Explore Canada's past with this fun and informative web-based learning initiative! View thematic Web-tours. Browse a database of over 150,000 artifacts and images and create your own Web-tour. For the history buff in all of us!















17 June to 26 August :
Court House, Tilley House, Loomcrofters Studio - Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm

Flower House, Saturday and Sunday, July and August

May, October, & November:
By Appointment


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