The Flower House


The house was built by Anthony Flower at MacDonald's Corner, Washademoak Lake, about 1818, and has remained in the Flower Family ever since. Most recently, it was the summer residence of the late James Flower, West Oakton, Illinois, and a Life Member of the Historical Society. Mr. Flower generously donated several Anthony Flower works to the Queens County Museum in the early 1990s.

Anthony Flower was born in London in 1792, and worked in watercolour and oil. He obviously studied art at some point prior to his arrival in NB. He settled on the Washademoak and married Mary Green in 1820. He farmed and painted until his death in 1875.

When James Flower married Mary Clark in 1852, a large piece was added to the Flower House. James and Mary lived at the homestead and had a large family of their own: Inglewood, Elizabeth, Cordelia, Martha, and George Frederick.

The Anthony Flower House Museum & Gallery officially opened on 9 August 2008 and is now open each summer, mid-June to the end of August. To learn more about the restoration and the art work of Anthony Flower, visit our project virtual exhibition .














The Flower House
Queens County Heritage The Flower House

The Boys' Room
Queens County Heritage The Boys' Room